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The Learning Center: Measuring & Other Helpful Tips

Shopping for an area rug can be overwhelming with so many choices and often, not much help from experts. At Rugs That Fit, we�۪re here to help and we have the background to make it easy! We�۪ve created a list of tips that will help you measure and select the right rug in the right size for the right room. BUT, PLEASE CALL US WITH ANY QUESTIONS AT (888) 589-2673. We are friendly experts and love to help and answer questions from our customers.

Materials: There are many materials to choose from when buying a new area rug. From natural materials such as wool, sisal, sea grass, jute and more to synthetic materials such as nylon and poly's. While there are different materials. which one you choose depends on a lot of factors. Synthetic materials are often more hypoallergenic than natural materials & can resist stains better. However, natural materials can better withstand the test of time and sometimes feel better on your feet. The right material for your home ultimately depends on your budget and personal preference.

Size: The predominant rule of thumb is to choose a rug that is two feet shorter than the smallest wall in the room. This means that if your room is ten feet wide by fourteen feet long, you should choose a rug that is eight feet wide by twelve feet long. In hallways, you�۪ll want to leave the first three feet or so clear while using a runner to cover the rest of the length. Of course all of this has to be consistent with your preference and special "size" needs your rooms may have. These are simply general rules that many people use to size a rug. Keep in mind that different weather conditions can cause area rugs to expand or contract, sometimes up to an inch so it is better in some cases to add an inch than to be an inch short. Because rooms come in many different shapes & sizes, we can make rugs that fit those shapes and sizes.

Shape: Let the shape of your area influence the shape of the rug. If you�۪re looking for a rug for an area where you want to encourage conversation, try a circular area rug. If you need a rug for under your dining room table, find a rug that is roughly the same shape as the table. Don�۪t forget about runners either. Runners are great for kitchens, hallways & entry ways.

Where to Look: A lot of stores sell area rugs, but beware of those with a high markup on their rugs. Department stores have a notoriously high markup on rugs. Remember that most stores also charge to deliver or ship your rug as do many online stores. Shopping online offers the convenience of being able to see the styles and colors and visualize how they will look with your d̩ecor. Keep in mind that we'll mail you samples so you can touch and feel the styles you like.

Accessories: You�۪ll need a rug pad to go with your new rug. Rug pads keep rugs from slipping and they add extra padding to make it feel more luxurious. They also protect your hard surface floors. We do offer rug pads cut to size so please ask us about them. We are working on adding pictures and specifications of various rug pads and will have that up soon.

Dining Room: When measuring for an area rug under a dining room table, we recommend pulling the chairs out from under the table and situating them where they would be if someone was sitting on them. Then, measure the distance in both the length and width to the end of the chairs and add 3 inches. That is a good rule of thumb so that your chairs won't be hitting the edge of the rug.

Have other questions about choosing the perfect area rug for your home? Contact us, either by email at designteam@rugsthatfit.com or toll free at (888) 589-2673. We love helping our customers choose the best area rug for their space!