Cutting Edge - Hounds Tooth - Available in Unlimited Sizes! Club House - Available in 4 Colors and Unlimited Sizes!
This gorgeous black & white collection of patterns include a hounds tooth as well as a pattern that mimics mosaic tiles you would have on your wall or floor. If you like the black & white look, there is a pattern here for you. Colorful mix of squares and lines that are fun for many kinds of rooms but especially for play rooms. And it's just busy enough to hide the things that you don't feel like cleaning up.
Linear - Available in 12 Colors and Unlimited Sizes! Gotta Have It - Available in 5 Colors and Unlimited Sizes!
This is another linear standard bearer but this 100% wool beauty comes in a multi-color cut/loop for even more pop and more contrast. We hope you love it as much as the photographer did. This gorgeous, thick, soft cable shag pretty much speaks for itself; but I had to say something. :)
Belvedere - Available in 6 Colors and Unlimited Sizes! Godiva - Available in 3 Colors and Unlimited Sizes!
This hand beveled scroll pattern is truly eye catching. It's soft and
comfortable and with 6 colors we should have the one you're looking for.
Makes you glad you put those hardwood floors down.
This collection of chocolate background patterns are as tasty to the eyes as they are to the feet. They're dense construction and elegant flowing patterns will class up any room; Chocolate anyone??


We like to think of rugs as fashion for your floors and at Rugs That Fit, the designer, business owner & homeowner have the tools they need to create their own floor fashion. We have 25 years of experience making high quality, beautifully designed, American made rugs and entry mats; every one made to order, the way they should be. You choose the size, style and color and we make and ship the finished area rugs to you or your client.  AND, before you purchase you can order samples which ship out within 24 hours, allowing you to see colors and feel textures before you order. Fantastic prices, beautiful rugs, outstanding customer service, rug shopping made simple...